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  • What is a Loss Assessor?
  • What will you charge me?
  • Do I need to appoint you when making a claim?
  • Do you cover my area?
  • How do I know if I’m covered by my insurance policy?
  • What happens if I don’t have insurance?
  • I’m a landlord can you help me?
What is a Loss Assessor?

Hill Mathieson are a firm of Loss assessors regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority – just like your insurance company and any other large established Financial Organisation. As a Loss Assessor we are appointed by you the consumer and act purely on your behalf. Your insurance company will appoint a Loss Adjuster who will act on behalf of the insurers and is responsible for overseeing the claim. Straightaway there is a disadvantage since the Loss Adjuster is overseeing the claim and looking after the insurers interest. We, as Loss Assessors, will always act exclusively for you to ensure your interests and a full and fair settlement is obtained for your claim.